Masters Field Study Visit to Xiamen, China

MSc Eco-Cities students had an 8-day field study visit to the Haicang District of Xiamen, China as part of their module Live Project for Eco-City Development.

During the trip students visited and interviewed senior staff from a number of different local government departments, including:

  • Economy and Trade
  • Bureau of Construction Administration
  • Duty Free Port Administration
  • Development and Reform Commission
  • Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security
  • Bureau of Agriculture and Water Resources
  • Bureau of Statistics
  • Bureau of Investment Promotion
  • Bureau of Land Administration and Housing
  • Bureau of Planning Administration
  • Bureau of Environmental Protection
  • Bureau of Transport.

Students also visited a public bicycle system; international shipping centre and port, potential new town development site, waster power station, and various urban and rural areas.

From the field study visit, the students have a gained a better understanding of sustainable (eco-city) planning and development in practice and the experience will benefit their future career development.