Dr Livingstone I Presume?

Alastair M. Smith with the Scottish Minister for External Affairs and International DevelopmentAlastair M. Smith presented the inaugural lecture in an annual series hosted by the Scottish Fair Trade Forum.

The lecture, entitled "Legacy of David Livingstone: Fair Trade and International Development", was attended by the Scottish Minister for External Affairs and International Development on the occasion of the tripartite celebration of Fairtrade Fortnight, the declaration of Scotland as the world's second Fair Trade Nation and the bicentenary of David Livingstone.

Scottish Fair Trade Forum Evening PanelThe Evening Panel: Scottish Fair Trade Forum director Martin Rhodes, Professor John Riches (Just Trading Scotland), Senga Gall (MD of Equal Exchange), Alastair M. Smith and the Chair, Professor Jolyon Mitchell.

Also timed to coincide with Fairtrade Fortnight is the publication of an article by Alastair, "Fair Trade and 'The Economist's Critique'", which attempts to demystify the economic arguments surrounding fair trade.