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Wales: Doing Things Differently Conference

Presentations provided by PhD Students and Keynote: Sarah Powell, CEO Sport Wales
Friday 15th November 2013 - 9:30am
Committee Rooms, Glamorgan Building

Wales: Doing things Differently?

Engaging with contemporary Welsh policy-making

The Glamorgan Building, Cardiff University

This one day Post Graduate Research led conference funded by the University Graduate College aims to bring together researchers across Wales who are engaging with topics relevant to contemporary policy-making in Wales. The morning session will consist of two panels on research and dissemination respectively, outlining the opportunities and tools available for these activities for Post Graduate Researchers in these areas. The panels will consist of key actors from the university, government, media, and third sectors who are able to provide practical advice and share their experiences. The afternoon session will open with a keynote speech from Sport Wales, and will allow Post Graduate Research candidates to showcase their work on Welsh policy-making. We hope that this event will allow for Post Graduate Researchers to become more aware of the wider community of researchers working on policy-making in Wales and provide the opportunity for networking and critical engagement within this area.

We have a variety of papers which will engage with the concept of Wales taking an alternative, or different, approach to contemporary policy-making. This will include pertinent contemporary topics, such as the devolution settlement and the Silk Commission; investigations of the Welsh policy-making process; or studies of Welsh politics and policies on a wider international scale.  Presentations will be 20 minutes long with additional time for questions and we aim to group together similar topics in a panel format.

There will also be presentations provided by:

  • Professor Richard Wyn Jones - Wales Governance Centre
  • The Institute of Welsh Affairs
  • The National Assembly Research Service
  • Professor Dylan Jones Evans - The University of West of England
  • Professor Robert Huggins - The Centre for Economic Geography

To conclude the day, the Innovation and Engagement team at the School of Planning and Geography will host a drinks reception with a guest speaker. We hope you will join us for this exciting and vibrant event that aims to build links between researchers from the different departments and universities in Wales, and to encourage engagement between researchers and other stakeholders in Wales.

The PhD led full day conference funded by the University Graduate College will feature keynote speaker from: Sport Wales

To register for this full day conference select the 'sign up' button provided.

Dydd Gwener 15 Tachwedd - Cymru: Gwneud Pethau mewn Ffordd Wahanol Cynhadledd - 15 Tach

9:30am - Ystafelloedd Pwyllgor, Adeilad Morgannwg

Cyflwyniadau wedi'u darparu gan Fyfyrwyr PhD ac Araith Allweddol: Sarah Powell, Prif Weithredwr Chwaraeon Cymru

Ymgysylltu â llunio polisi yn y Gymru gyfoes

Nod y gynhadledd undydd hon, sy'n cael ei harwain gan Ymchwil Ôl-radd, yw dwyn ynghyd ymchwilwyr o bob rhan o Gymru sy'n ymwneud â phynciau perthnasol i lunio polisi yn y Gymru gyfoes. Bydd y sesiwn y bore yma yn cynnwys dau banel ar ymchwil a dosbarthu, yn y drefn honno, gan amlinellu'r cyfleoedd a'r offer sydd ar gael ar gyfer y gweithgareddau hyn i Ymchwilwyr Ôl-radd yn y meysydd hyn. Ar y paneli bydd pobl allweddol o'r sectorau prifysgol, llywodraeth, y cyfryngau a'r trydydd sector sy'n gallu darparu cyngor ymarferol a rhannu eu profiadau.

Bydd sesiwn y prynhawn yn agor gydag araith allweddol gan Chwaraeon Cymru, a bydd yn gyfle i ymgeiswyr Ymchwil Ôl-radd ddangos eu gwaith ar lunio polisi yng Nghymru.

Gobeithio y bydd y digwyddiad hwn yn caniatáu i Ymchwilwyr Ôl-radd fod yn fwy ymwybodol o'r gymuned ehangach o ymchwilwyr sy'n gweithio ar lunio polisi yng Nghymru, gan ddarparu'r cyfle ar gyfer rhwydweithio ac ymwneud allweddol yn y maes hwn.

Yn dilyn y gynhadledd, a fydd yn para drwy'r dydd, bydd darlith ar Arloesedd ac Ymgysylltu, a bydd angen ichi gofrestru ar wahân ar gyfer honno.

Conference Timings:

930 – 945: Registration & Coffee

945 – 1000: Opening Address – Prof Richard Wyn Jones

1000 – 1050: Panel 1: Research

Chair: Francesca Dickson

  • National Assembly Research Service
  • Prof Roger Scully
  • Matt Francis, Our Future

1050 – 1110: Coffee Break

1110 – 1200: Panel 2: Dissemination

Chair: Manon George

  • Jess Blair, IWA
  • Prof Dylan Jones-Evans

1200 – 1220: Paper

The unfinished business of Welsh Devolution – Manon George, Cardiff Law School & Wales Governance Centre

1220 – 1240: Paper

A House of Cards? The failure of the Government of Wales Act 2006 to provide the foundation for a stable devolution settlement in Wales – Adam Evans, Wales Governance Centre

1240 – 1300: Paper

Women in the Assembly as Agents of Change - Weihua Ye, Cardiff School of Journalism

1300 – 1310: Questions

1310 – 1350: Lunch

1350 – 1410: Paper

Disadvantaged by poverty and inequality: The Formal Childcare Market in Wales – David Dallimore, Bangor University

1410 – 1430: Paper

 Problems in Welsh Housing Policy, and Experiential Perspective Solutions  - Sumanta Barua, Kings College London

1430 – 1450: Paper

 Transportation in Wales –the Light Rail Opportunity – Neil Anderson, Capital Traffic (or Capital Traffic Management Limited)

1450 – 1500: Questions

1500 – 1540: Keynote Talk: Sarah Powell CEO Sports Wales and Questions

1540 – 1555: Tea & Welsh Cakes

1555 – 1615: Paper  Reframing Hospital Food as Nutritional Care in NHS Wales: Innovation or Business as Usual? - Claire Bloomfield, Cardiff School of Planning and Geography

1615 – 1635: Paper 8 - Does the Welsh political climate make it easier to ‘do’ good public health?

Rachel Brown – PhD Student, DECIPHer, Cardiff University
Heather Trickey – PhD Student, DECIPHer, Cardiff University

1635 – 1645: Questions

1645 – 1700: Closing address- Prof. Robert Huggins, Centre for Economic Geography

Followed by Innovation and Engagement lecture at:

1715 -1830: – Evening event – Leanne Wood AM, leader of Plaid Cymru (Please register for this event separately here)