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RTPI Urban Design and Conservation Regional Seminar: Characterisation, Conservation and Community Consultation in Wales

Judith Alfrey, Cadw and Dr Matthew Griffiths, Civic Trust for Wales
Tuesday 25th March 2014 - 5:30pm
Glamorgan Building Committee Rooms

RTPI Urban Design and Conservation Regional Seminar hosted by the Innovation and Engagement Unit

Chair: Professor John Punter

Judith Alfrey, (Head of Conservation and Policy, Cadw)

'Cadw’s Characterisation Programme and its role in regeneration'

Characterisation is a process for capturing local distinctiveness and recognising historical identity and the unique stories of place. It focuses attention on the overall character of a place, rather than selected assets of acknowledged value, and is intended to help realise the value of the historic environment as a whole in regeneration.  In studies of towns with very different histories and character, Cadw has shown how heritage confers a sense of place. It is now working to ensure that the opportunities our heritage presents are taken up, so that the historic environment can play a full part in the economic, social and cultural vitality of Wales.

Dr Matthew Griffiths (Director, Civic Trust for Wales)

'Characterisation, placemaking and community engagement'

Characterisation is being promoted in the new Heritage Bill and documents that will support next year’s act. But it’s not mentioned in the Wales Planning Bill consultative document. It has the potential nonetheless to become an effective planning tool. The Civic Trust for Wales has been exploring the use of characterisation with community groups in Wales. How far can characterisation help planning respond to communities and assist in providing a policy frame for urban conservation and development?