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Jon Murdoch Memorial Lecture - Representing the Anthropocene: Who Will Get to Speak for Everything and How?

Professor Noel Castree, The University of Manchester, Professor of Geography
Wednesday 16th October 2013 - 5:30pm
Glamorgan Building Committee Rooms

Public lecture hosted by the Innovation and Engagement Unit.

'The Anthropocene' has morphed from a neologism to a buzzword in the academic world, but has yet to become a keyword in the wider world. An unusually big and future facing idea with far-reaching implications for the present, the Anthropocene may in time become part of the lingua franca in the commercial, political and public realms.

This lecture engages in some 'anticipatory semantics'. It explores who might seek to represent the Anthropocene, including but going beyond the epistemic community of scientists who have so far made most of the discursive running.

In so doing the lecture examines the ways different meanings may be invested in the Anthropocene, meanings both reflective and generative of radically different conceptions of a world to come. It also asks what role do social scientists and humanities scholars have to play in determining which meanings become visible and socially influential.