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Myanmar's Urban Future

Yap Kioe Sheng, Honorary Professor
Wednesday 30th October 2013 - 5:30pm
Glamorgan Building Committee Rooms

Public lecture hosted by the Innovation and Engagement Unit.

Uncertainty characterises Myanmar today. After years of isolation, Myanmar is taking steps to join the global economy. The urban areas will feel the impact. They are unprepared to deal with global economic forces.

Urban land and housing markets are under-developed; urban infrastructure is deficient; urban poverty is widespread; urban institutions need reform and capacity development; data and information to formulate urban policies are lacking.

The government hesitate to take decisions, as it is unable to anticipate the consequences and fears it will be overpowered by the transnational private sector. Yet, in anticipation of what may happen, prices of land, and of goods and services are rising. Who will be the winners and who the losers?