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Exhibition: Re-Thinking the High Street: Cardiff University’s MA Urban Design Community Involvement-based Design Project in Swansea High Street

This is a public exhibition of student design work
Saturday 29th June 2013 - 1:00pm
215 High Street, Swansea. SA1 1PE

29 June – 11 July 2013.  Opening hours 1pm – 6pm Mon – Sat, closed Sundays.

This is a public exhibition of student design ideas for High Street, Swansea. These events are a ‘postscript’ stage of a series of student design projects aimed at the regeneration of High Street in Swansea. The projects themselves are the output of a module in the MA Urban Design course at Cardiff University, in which a key learning component is community consultation in regeneration and design.

The programme will allow a wide range of local stakeholders to learn about student proposals for regenerating High Street, to see the fruits of their earlier input into these proposals, to respond to what has been produced, and to reflect on the proposals’ real impact ‘on the ground’.

The exhibition display is accompanied by a small but high impact events programme designed to ‘hand over’ ideas and strategies to local stakeholders, and enable continued dialogue amongst interested parties, contribute to capacity building.