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Professional Membership and Early Career Pathway for Planners

Young Planners Cymru, The Royal Town Planning Institute and the School of Planning and Geography
Tuesday 25th February 2014 - 4:45pm
Glamorgan Building Committee Rooms

A joint event with Young Planners Cymru, The Royal Town Planning Institute and the Cardiff School of Planning and Geography

Hosted by the Innovation and Engagement Unit

There are a very wide range of different career pathways for planning graduates, ranging from environmental planning, statutory planning and transport planning through to economic development, heritage and regeneration. This event focuses on exploring these different pathways illustrated through the experience of young planners working in Wales.

Speakers will present on the different roles they have worked in, the organisations that they have worked for and the steps they have taken on their chosen career path. The event will also include a short presentation on working towards professional membership of the Royal Town Planning Institute through the Assessment of Professional Competence.

The panel of speakers will provide other early career planners and students with a valuable insight into crafting your own career pathway in planning for the built and natural environment.

The event starts at 4.45pm and will close at 6.00pm with a wine reception to provide an informal networking opportunity with early career professional planners.