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Dispute Resolution in Planning - There IS a Better Way of Doing it

Professor Leonora Rozee - Former Deputy Chief Executive of the Planning Inspectorate
Tuesday 5th February 2013 - 5:30pm
Committee Rooms 1&2, Glamorgan Building

image by Rob Cowan courtesy of the NPF.

Filmed lecture available here

Public lecture hosted by the Innovation and Engagement Unit.

Based on research published in June 2010 the lecture will look at the opportunities mediation presents to fundamentally change the culture of the UK planning systems by moving from an adversarial to mediated approach to managing disuptes in all aspects of the planning system from plan-making to enforcement.

Professor Leonora Rozee OBE MRTPI former Deputy Chief Executive of the Planning Inspectorate for England and Wales and Visiting Professor at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne School of Planning, Landscape and Architecture.