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Building Food Democracy through Civic Food Networks: Analysing Power in GAS in Valencia, Spain

Dr Ana Moragues Faus
Tuesday 19th February 2013 - 4:00pm
Council Chamber, Glamorgan Building

Public Seminar series hosted by the Environment Research Group.

The seminar will present a participatory action research project conducted with an innovative civic food network emerging in Spain, grupos de consumo or solidarity purchasing groups.

The overall study and further analysis tries to overcome a common criticism of previous studies on Alternative Food Networks regarding the lack of attention to power relations. For that purpose, the presentation will first revolve around the participatory action research process and their implications in terms of knowledge co-production.

In this regard, the study departs from the groups’ demands and problems, and tackles aspects such as internal structure and organization, the relationship between consumers and producers and their political dimension (internal decision-making mechanisms, relationship with other political movements i.e. food sovereignty). 

Particular attention will be paid to how these groups construct food democracy at the more essential level, focusing into meaningful participation issues and collective action, but enlarging the discussion on food democracy through a critical approach to power relations.