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'A Name is a Statement' Linking Real and Virtual Identity Through Geodemographics

Professor Paul Longley, Department of Geography, University College London
Tuesday 4th December 2012 - 5:30pm
Committee Rooms 1&2, Glamorgan Building

Public lecture hosted by the Innovation & Engagement Unit.

A name often provides an indication of its bearer’s cultural, ethnic and religious affinity in the real world (Mateos et al 2011), as well as the place in which he or she probably lives (Cheshire and Longley 2012). This presentation considers whether and how tokens of virtual identity can be linked to the probable characteristics of people and places.



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Mateos, P, Longley P A, O’Sullivan D 2011. Ethnicity and population structure in personal naming networks. PLoS ONE (Public Library of Science), 6(9) e22943, 1-12