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From Primary Care to Public Health and Government Policy - reflections of CMO Wales - Dr Tony Jewell

Dr Tony Jewell - Chief Medical Officer of Wales
Thursday 5th July 2012 - 5:45pm
Committee Rooms 1&2, Glamorgan Building


Public lecture jointly hosted by the School of Planning and Geography and the School of Social Sciences.

Dr Tony Jewell retires from the post of Chief Medical Officer for Wales at the end of July after a 40 year career. In this valedictory lecture, Dr Jewell will reflect upon some of the influences on his approach to work in improving and protecting the health of the people. He will talk about the transition from being a medical student at the beginning of his medical career,  the development of  Primary Care training schemes, working in a research-led GP practice in inner East London, a Director of Public Health in East Anglia and for the past 6 years as CMO Wales.

The talk will reflect on key decision points during a career which followed an unconventional path, the connections that have been important and the underpinning values that have guided his career and policy focus.