Geography and Planning Undergraduate Programmes

For more than 40 years Cardiff School of Planning and Geography has built its reputation across the boundaries of urban planning and human geography. The School is one of the leading human geography schools in the UK, with a specialism in planning.

The School operates at the cutting-edge of research and teaching innovation in planning and geography, specialising in the following areas:

  • Spatial analysis, including Geographical Information Science
  • Urban and regional governance, including urban planning and economic geography
  • Environment, society and space, including rural geography and planning

Cardiff School of Planning and Geography brings to bear a critical mass in these areas and is thus able to contribute to a wide range of policy domains including spatial, land, urban and city planning.

Our courses focus upon the built and natural environment and the impacts of economic, social, political and cultural change. While geography provides the theoretical and analytical skills to understand both the nature of change and its impacts, planning translates this understanding into action to ensure a better quality of environment for present and future generations.

The School accepts around 150 undergraduates across four courses each year and therefore ensures a learning environment where there is opportunity for close contact with staff delivering the courses and modules. In total there are more than 450 students in the School studying at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels in Human Geography, Planning, Urban Design, Sustainability, Regeneration, and Transport.

The wide ranging and specialist expertise of the School’s 50 members of staff ensures that all aspects of Planning and Human Geography are covered in our courses. The quality of teaching in the School has been assessed as 'excellent' and it is the only planning school in the UK to have been consistently awarded the highest category of excellence in government reviews of research quality.