Exchange Semester

An exchange semester abroad is a great opportunity to make the most of your time at the University whilst immersing yourself in a culture different from your own. It is more than an outstanding academic experience. It's also about your own self-development; it's about growing in confidence and making life-long friends from all over the world. Such an experience can also distinguish you in the job market.

Erasmus+ vs. International Exchange: Within Europe exchange schemes are facilitated by the EU programme known as Erasmus+. Studying outside Europe is known as International Exchange. The School of Planning and Geography has exchange agreements in both categories (see next page for specific lists). The majority of them deliver teaching in English.

The list of European Partners that have links with the School in 2014-2021 are:


KU Leuven


Aalborg Universitet


Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne


Technische Universitaet Dortmund

Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart


Politecnico di Milano


Radbound Universiteit Nijmegen

University of Groningen


Oslo University


Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH

Stockholm University 

School of Planning and Geography International Partners are: 


Queen’s University

University of British Columbia

University of Ottawa 


Macquarie University, Sydney

Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane


Nanyang Technological University 

Hong Kong

Hong Kong University


Timing: The most straightforward option is studying for one semester as part of your degree. The table below shows pre-approved semesters indicating when it would be the best time for you to go abroad. However, you are welcome to discuss any other (alternative) semester with your Course Director.

Undergraduate Programme

Erasmus Semester

International Semester**

Human Geography – HG

Autumn Year 2 (60 credits*) or

Autumn Year 3 (20 credits*)

Autumn Year 2 (60 credits*)

Geography (Human) and Planning – GHP

Autumn Year 2 (60 credits*) or

Autumn Year 3 (20 credits*)

Autumn Year 2 (60 credits*)

City and Regional Planning - CRP

Spring Final Year (40 credits*)

Spring Final Year (40 credits*)

* Cardiff study credits which can be replaced whilst on this exchange semester.

** Canada, Australia, etc. Due to a specific visa regime with Canada, HG and GHP students can apply to go to Canada also in Autumn Year 3 (replacing 20 credits) but the priority will be given to Year 2 students studying for 60 credits.

Language: Most of our partners, even those in non-English-speaking countries, have courses taught in English and you can study your semester fully in English. However, a few places (e.g. Paris) only offer courses in national languages. You can enrol on the Language for All programmes at Cardiff to improve your language skills.

Module registration: Whilst abroad, you will need to enrol on a number of modules equivalent to what you would study at the School of Planning and Geography in the same semester. Your grades will be converted and count towards your final degree.

Cost and funding: There is no additional registration cost for a one-semester programme. In fact, there are generous grants automatically available to everyone, including a monthly scholarship for Erasmus students. There are also travel bursaries. Some further grants might be available based on your family's income, disability status, or destination. The University’s Global Opportunity Centre (GOC) will advise you on funding available.

Deadlines:  The internal deadlines to apply for an Erasmus and International semester are normally in the semester preceding the semester of study (mid April for the Autumn Semester or mid October for the Spring Semester).

The deadlines for the Autumn exchange semester 2015 are:

Erasmus semester- 22nd April 2015.

International Exchange semester - 6th March 2015.  

Application: We normally expect students to have performed at above 60% on average to be eligible to apply, although individual circumstances will be taken into account. There are a few (easy) steps:

• Well before the deadlines, explore our partners’ websites and identify modules you may wish to enrol on. Consider personal implications of going abroad (e.g. finance, housing, existing commitments).

• Download and fill the application form electronically (available on Learning Central), and send it together with an electronic copy of your transcript containing all the marks you have received so far in your programme, to

The Coordinator will rank applications and make selections based on competition for specific places, your marks, and motivation. Once the School approves your application, which will also entail your Course Director approving your choice of modules, you will be nominated to the partner university, which normally guarantees you a place. The partner university may require some additional limited paperwork. An approved application will also trigger a change in your study registration at Cardiff.

Other international opportunities: There are other opportunities for internationalisation, including studying for a full year abroad, work placements, internships etc. You should approach the University’s Global Opportunity Centre for more information and financial support available. There are also ad-hoc initiatives at the School, such as short-term courses - you will receive information on those from time to time.

For further information:

School Co-ordinator:

Dr Georgina Santos
Telephone: +44 (0)29 208 74462