Degree Programmes

Thank you for your interest in the School of Geography and Planning and the degree schemes we offer.

We are constantly reviewing and developing our teaching programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level, ensuring that the School is a place where students and scholars can advance intellectually and in career and professional terms. There are numerous rewarding and varied career opportunities for our students both within Britain and world-wide (please visit our Alumni Profiles for further information).

Our approach is based upon a commitment to provide the highest possible quality teaching to our students. This means that first, we aim to teach students in small groups because we believe that this encourages a more positive learning environment between staff and students and amongst students themselves. Second, we encourage innovation and creativity in the delivery and assessment of teaching and learning (for example, the use of digital media and field study visits). Third, the cutting edge research that is undertaken in the School informs the education that we provide to students. The vast majority of the School’s teaching staff are active researchers and all its active researchers are committed to teaching.

The School is successful at bringing together teaching and research excellence. Its teaching has been rated independently as excellent and the School has been consistently rated in the top 10 of planning schools in the UK in terms of its research environment and number of world-leading researchers (Our ratings for Research).

In this creative and challenging environment, students learn about the nature of the social, economic, political and environmental processes that shape urban and rural areas, and the various ways in which public policy, at European, national and local levels, can improve the quality of life for the public at large.

Our students are our most valuable asset. They are often the first line of dissemination for our research and many of our most influential ideas originate in seminars, workshops and lecture theatres.

If you should decide to study at the School of Geography and Planning, you can be sure that our staff are committed to providing you with the support needed for you to achieve and succeed at the highest level.