The School is a major international centre for research in the areas of planning, human geography and spatial policy. Its mission is to play an internationally leading role in research and academic inquiry associated with the agenda and debates in the development, management and sustainability of cities, regions and rural spaces.

It has been consistently rated the top planning school in the UK in terms of its research environment and number of world-leading researchers (Topping the RAE league).

It also contains a significant number of world-leading human geographers, and it is our intention to enhance geographical research agendas within the School during the next few years.

The School is serviced by the Innovation and Engagement Unit, which organises high profile research and public seminars.

Research Groups

The research is organised into five large research groups:

The research activity is very broadly based; it draws upon interdisciplinary social science, particularly the linkages between planning and human geography, and much of it contributes to combinations of academic, policy, practice and professional debates. There is a strong emphasis placed upon engagement of users in research.

Research Centres

The School has a number of research centres which contribute to giving a public view of our work. Currently, they include:

These centres provide platforms for sustained programmes of funded research and interdisciplinary work across Schools within Cardiff University and across other institutions, both national and international.