Completions in 2010/11

Ulrich Doenitz

Title/Subject: How to Include the Excluded into Urban Regeneration? Techniques for Addressing Space-Structured Young People
Supervisors: Dr Huw Thomas / Dr Neil Harris

Nezar A. Kafafy

Title/Subject: Urban Green Space Dynamics in an Arid City
Supervisors: Professor Chris Webster / Dr Scott Orford / Dr Francesca Sartorio

Yi (Emily) Li

Title/Subject: Development Strategies
Supervisor: Professor Fulong Wu

Jesse McEntee

Title/Subject: Re-localization of Rural Food Networks: A Food Access Perspective
Supervisors: Professor Terry Marsden / Dr Alex Franklin

Kelebogile Kgosi

Title/Subject: The Effects of HIV/AIDS on Housing Delivery for the Disadvantaged Groups in Botswana
Supervisors: Dr Craig Gurney / Neil Thomas

Syafiee Shuid

Title/Subject: Computerised Open Registration System for Low Cost Housing in Malaysia
Supervisors: Dr Pauline Card / Professor Fulong Wu