Completions in 2008/09

Thomas Berger

Title/Subject: Local Capital
Supervisor: Professor Dylan Jones-Evans

Adrian Healy

Title/Subject: R&D in the Regions: The regional impact of EU Technology Programmes in the UK
Supervisors: Professor Kevin Morgan / Professor Phil Cooke

Feng Li

Title/Subject: Venture Capital Monitoring and Value-added In Transitional Economics
Supervisor: Professor Dylan Jones Evans

Nerys Owens

Title/Subject: The Shifting Governance of State Forestry in Britain: A Critical Investigation of the Transition From Productivism to Post-productivism
Supervisors: Professor Paul Milbourne / Professor Alan Hooper

Stevie Upton

Title/Subject: (Not just) Open for Business: Redefining the Value of University Knowledge Exchange
Supervisors: Professor Kevin Morgan / Dr. Gillian Bristow

Miao Xu

Title/Subject: Design Dimensions of Gated Residential Development (GRD) in China: Visions, Trajectories and Capabilities
Supervisors: Professor John Punter / Mr. Mike Biddulph

Zhen Yang

Title/Subject: Public Use in Central Pedestrian District in Large Chinese Cities: An Urban Design Perspective
Supervisors: Professor John Punter / Mr. Mike Biddulph

Cheng-Yu Richard Yu

Title/Subject: Sustainable Development in Protected Areas: Resolving the Conflicts Between Protected Area Management and Indigenous Peoples
Supervisors: Dr. Jon Anderson / Dr. Richard Cowell

Yanjing Zhao  

Title/Subject: Spatial Models for Fast Developing Cities
Supervisor: Professor Chris Webster