Completions in 2004/05

Attiyah Al-Dayoufi

Title/Subject: Travel Behaviour and Neighborhood Design
Supervisor: Professor Huw Williams

Simon Chien-Yuan Chen

Title/Subject: Institutional Choices and Designs in Neighbourhood Management and Governance
Supervisor: Professor Chris Webster

Angelique Chettiparamb Rajan

Title/Subject: Methodological Issues and Techniques for Urban Design and Planning as Tools for Urban Governance
Supervisors: Mr. Huw Thomas / Ms. Alison Brown

Oliver Ehret

Title/Subject: The Influence of Government and Business on Technological Innovation: the Case of European Vehicle Emissions Control
Supervisor: Dr. Andrew Flynn

Malcolm Fisk

Title/Subject: From Social Alarms to Telecare: Older People's Services in Transition

Maria Kassolis

Title/Subject: The Role of Institutions, Networks and Governance Style in the Promotion of ISO14001 at International Airports: The Case of Athens, Greece
Supervisor: Dr. Richard Cowell

Abdullah Kayyal

Title/Subject: Proprietary Communities in Saudi Arabia
Supervisor: Professor Chris Webster

Alexandra Sarikaki

Title/Subject: Determinants of Low Fertility in Greece: Policy Interactions and Public Perceptions
Supervisor: Professor John Lovering

Howen Yang

Title/Subject: Retail Impact Assessment in Taiwan
Supervisor: Professor Cliff Guy

Li Yu

Title/Subject: The Chinese Planning System in Transition
Supervisor: Professor Cliff Guy