Completions in 2002/03

Olga Castillo-Ospina

Title/Subject: The Role of the NGOs in the External Debt Relief Process. The case of the HIPC Initiative
Supervisor: Mr. Neil Thomas

David Knight

Title/Subject: The Biographical Narriatives and Meanings of Home of Private Tenants
Supervisor: Dr. Craig Gurney

Binnur Oktem

Title/Subject: Globalisation - Its Effects on Metropolitan Area in Developing Countries
Supervisor: Professor John Lovering

Aboul-Fetouh Shalaby

Title/Subject: Transfer of Ideas Through Planning Education in Egypt, the Case of the Spatial Form of Low-income Housing
Supervisor: Mr. Huw Thomas

Yoon-Seuk Woo

Title/Subject: Housing Renewal Impact on Household's Migration and Mobility
Supervisor: Professor Huw Williams