Completions in 2001/02

Yigit Evren

Title/Subject: The Recent Effects of Globalisation and Post-Fordist Production Trends on Turkey's Economic and Regional Development
Supervisors: Professor Jeremy Alden / Professor John Lovering

Alex Franklin

Title/Subject: Crisis, Restructuring and Regulation in Rural Britain: The New Policy Problematic
Supervisor: Professor Terry Marsden

Annie Elise Hansen

Title/Subject: Ethnicity, Gender and Urban Space: The Geographies of Bangladeshi, Somali and Sudanese women in Cardiff
Supervisor: Mr. Huw Thomas

Tyrone Kidney

Title/Subject: Public Involvement and Civic Rationalism in Local Authority Planning and Decision Making
Supervisor: Mr. Huw Thomas

Kyung-Bae Kim

Title/Subject: Suitable Housing Design
Supervisor: Professor John Punter / Ms. Bridget Franklin

Yong-Bum Kim

Title/Subject: An Analysis of UK Urban Fringe Management Models Applying the Actor Network Theory
Supervisor: Dr. Kevin Bishop

Laura Martinez

Title/Subject: FDI and Trade with the E.U.: Truly Beneficial for Mexico?
Supervisor: Professor John Lovering

Adrian Morley

Title/Subject: Innovation Needs and Outcomes in Food Micro Firms
Supervisor: Professor Terry Marsden

Everard Smith

Title/Subject: Ecological Modernisation and Organic Farming in the UK: Does it Pay to be Green?
Supervisors: Professor Terry Marsden / Dr. Richard Cowell