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Past Research Students

These pages contain brief details of research students who completed their PhD or MPhil in recent years.

James Allan

Title/Subject: The Cardiff City Region: From Provincial to European Capital
Supervisors: Dr Gillian Bristow / Dr Philip Boland

Hiroshi Hamasaki

Title/Subject: Energy and Environment
Supervisor: Dr Andrew Flynn

Ioannis Pierrakis

Title/Subject: Innovation Regional Policy
Supervisors: Dr Gillian Bristow / Professor Kevin Morgan

Mohie Shalaby

Title/Subject: Realities of the Sustainable Planning Process of Egyptian Industrial Zones: The Case of the Industrial Park
Supervisors: Dr Huw Thomas / Dr Andrew Flynn

Jie Shen

Title/Subject: Urban Special Reconstruction and Residents Daily Activity Behaviour: Interaction Process Outcomes and Significance in Transforming Urban China
Supervisors: Professor Fulong Wu / Dr Yiming Wang

Alastair M. Smith

Title/Subject: Fair Trade Governance, Public Procurement and Sustainable Development: A Case Study of Malawian Rice in Scotland
Supervisors: Dr Roberta Sonnino / Dr Adrian Morley

Ulrich Doenitz

Title/Subject: How to Include the Excluded into Urban Regeneration? Techniques for Addressing Space-Structured Young People
Supervisors: Dr Huw Thomas / Dr Neil Harris

Nezar A. Kafafy

Title/Subject: Urban Green Space Dynamics in an Arid City
Supervisors: Professor Chris Webster / Dr Scott Orford / Dr Francesca Sartorio

Yi (Emily) Li

Title/Subject: Development Strategies
Supervisor: Professor Fulong Wu

Jesse McEntee

Title/Subject: Re-localization of Rural Food Networks: A Food Access Perspective
Supervisors: Professor Terry Marsden / Dr Alex Franklin

Kelebogile Kgosi

Title/Subject: The Effects of HIV/AIDS on Housing Delivery for the Disadvantaged Groups in Botswana
Supervisors: Dr Craig Gurney / Neil Thomas

Syafiee Shuid

Title/Subject: Computerised Open Registration System for Low Cost Housing in Malaysia
Supervisors: Dr Pauline Card / Professor Fulong Wu

Odutimirola Adefuye

Title/Subject: Implementation Failure in Waste Management in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Lagos State
Supervisors: Dr. Andrew Flynn / Ms. Alison Brown

Crispin Cooper

Title/Subject: Agent-based Modelling of Urban Growth and Policy Making Decisions
Supervisors: Professor Chris Webster / Professor Chris Jones (COMSC)

Zhaohua Deng

Title/Subject: Making it Possible - Raising Design Quality Under the Fast Developing Pressure - Evidence From Guangzhou
Supervisors: Professor John Punter / Mr. Mike Biddulph

Nadir Kinossian

Title/Subject: Constructing the Image of a Competitive City
Supervisors: Dr. Gillian Bristow / Professor John Lovering

Christine Mady 

Title/Subject: The Dynamics of Public Space Utilisation and Provision: The Beirut Perspective
Supervisors: Dr. Scott Orford / Professor Chris Webster

Madeleine Pill  

Title/Subject: How Neighbourhood Governance Entities are Located within Broader Networks of Governance: a Cross-National Comparison
Supervisors: Dr. Gillian Bristow / Dr. Tom Entwistle (CARBS)

Laura Smith  

Title/Subject: Landscape and Landfate: The Changing Discourse of Environmental Restoration
Supervisors: Professor Paul Milbourne / Dr. Richard Cowell

Thomas Berger

Title/Subject: Local Capital
Supervisor: Professor Dylan Jones-Evans

Adrian Healy

Title/Subject: R&D in the Regions: The regional impact of EU Technology Programmes in the UK
Supervisors: Professor Kevin Morgan / Professor Phil Cooke

Feng Li

Title/Subject: Venture Capital Monitoring and Value-added In Transitional Economics
Supervisor: Professor Dylan Jones Evans

Nerys Owens

Title/Subject: The Shifting Governance of State Forestry in Britain: A Critical Investigation of the Transition From Productivism to Post-productivism
Supervisors: Professor Paul Milbourne / Professor Alan Hooper

Stevie Upton

Title/Subject: (Not just) Open for Business: Redefining the Value of University Knowledge Exchange
Supervisors: Professor Kevin Morgan / Dr. Gillian Bristow

Miao Xu

Title/Subject: Design Dimensions of Gated Residential Development (GRD) in China: Visions, Trajectories and Capabilities
Supervisors: Professor John Punter / Mr. Mike Biddulph

Zhen Yang

Title/Subject: Public Use in Central Pedestrian District in Large Chinese Cities: An Urban Design Perspective
Supervisors: Professor John Punter / Mr. Mike Biddulph

Cheng-Yu Richard Yu

Title/Subject: Sustainable Development in Protected Areas: Resolving the Conflicts Between Protected Area Management and Indigenous Peoples
Supervisors: Dr. Jon Anderson / Dr. Richard Cowell

Yanjing Zhao  

Title/Subject: Spatial Models for Fast Developing Cities
Supervisor: Professor Chris Webster

James Maiden

Title/Subject: The Route to Sustainability - Assessing Sustainable Tourism
Supervisor: Professor Terry Marsden

Andy McKechnie

Title/Subject: Disability and the Meaning of Home : An Embodied Approach to Social Exclusion and Citizenship
Supervisor: Dr Craig Gurney / Ms Bridget Franklin

Selyf Morgan

Title/Subject: Knowledge Transfer in the Food Chain: Learning and Innovation in the Organic Sector
Supervisor: Professor Kevin Morgan

Karen Parkhill

Title/Subject: The Social Regulation of the Rural Environment: A Scottish Case-Study
Supervisors: Professor Paul Milbourne

Maria Quieti

Title/Subject: Cultural Landscape and Local Foods
Supervisor: Dr. Mara Miele / Professor Terry Marsden

Dilek Unalan

Title/Subject: Environmental Decision Making
Supervisor: Dr. Richard Cowell / Dr. Andrew Flynn

Dani Boucher

Title/Subject: Landscapes of Lesbian Homelessness: An Embodied Approach
Supervisor: Dr. Craig Gurney

Sophie Donaldson

Title/Subject: Evaluation of Urban Regeneration Initiatives: A Welsh Case Study
Supervisors: Dr. Philip Boland / Mr. Huw Thomas

Geraint Ellis

Title/Subject: Does a Human Rights Approach to Environmental Protection Have a Role
in British Land Use Planning?
Supervisor: Dr. Richard Cowell

Rachel Hurdley

Title/Subject: Dismantling Mantelpieces: Consumption as Spectacle and Shaper of Self in the Home
Supervisor: Dr. Craig Gurney

Attiyah Al-Dayoufi

Title/Subject: Travel Behaviour and Neighborhood Design
Supervisor: Professor Huw Williams

Simon Chien-Yuan Chen

Title/Subject: Institutional Choices and Designs in Neighbourhood Management and Governance
Supervisor: Professor Chris Webster

Angelique Chettiparamb Rajan

Title/Subject: Methodological Issues and Techniques for Urban Design and Planning as Tools for Urban Governance
Supervisors: Mr. Huw Thomas / Ms. Alison Brown

Oliver Ehret

Title/Subject: The Influence of Government and Business on Technological Innovation: the Case of European Vehicle Emissions Control
Supervisor: Dr. Andrew Flynn

Malcolm Fisk

Title/Subject: From Social Alarms to Telecare: Older People's Services in Transition

Maria Kassolis

Title/Subject: The Role of Institutions, Networks and Governance Style in the Promotion of ISO14001 at International Airports: The Case of Athens, Greece
Supervisor: Dr. Richard Cowell

Abdullah Kayyal

Title/Subject: Proprietary Communities in Saudi Arabia
Supervisor: Professor Chris Webster

Alexandra Sarikaki

Title/Subject: Determinants of Low Fertility in Greece: Policy Interactions and Public Perceptions
Supervisor: Professor John Lovering

Howen Yang

Title/Subject: Retail Impact Assessment in Taiwan
Supervisor: Professor Cliff Guy

Li Yu

Title/Subject: The Chinese Planning System in Transition
Supervisor: Professor Cliff Guy

Andrew Dakin

Title/Subject: A Study of a Local Area Based Regeneration Initiative Undertaken in the Cynon Valley in South Wales, in the Context of the Wider Delivery by the State of Regeneration and Urban Policy Measures, Designed to Amecorate the Problems of Uneven Development
Supervisor: Professor John Punter

Leen Vandekerckhove

Title/Subject: A Comparative Analysis of Hazardous Waste Trade Regulation in the United Kingdom, Belguim and the Netherlands
Supervisor: Dr. Andrew Flynn

Claire Williams

Title/Subject: Relationships in Local Economic Development: A Case Study of the Business Support Network in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan at the End of the 1990s
Supervisor: Dr. Nick Phelps

Olga Castillo-Ospina

Title/Subject: The Role of the NGOs in the External Debt Relief Process. The case of the HIPC Initiative
Supervisor: Mr. Neil Thomas

David Knight

Title/Subject: The Biographical Narriatives and Meanings of Home of Private Tenants
Supervisor: Dr. Craig Gurney

Binnur Oktem

Title/Subject: Globalisation - Its Effects on Metropolitan Area in Developing Countries
Supervisor: Professor John Lovering

Aboul-Fetouh Shalaby

Title/Subject: Transfer of Ideas Through Planning Education in Egypt, the Case of the Spatial Form of Low-income Housing
Supervisor: Mr. Huw Thomas

Yoon-Seuk Woo

Title/Subject: Housing Renewal Impact on Household's Migration and Mobility
Supervisor: Professor Huw Williams

Yigit Evren

Title/Subject: The Recent Effects of Globalisation and Post-Fordist Production Trends on Turkey's Economic and Regional Development
Supervisors: Professor Jeremy Alden / Professor John Lovering

Alex Franklin

Title/Subject: Crisis, Restructuring and Regulation in Rural Britain: The New Policy Problematic
Supervisor: Professor Terry Marsden

Annie Elise Hansen

Title/Subject: Ethnicity, Gender and Urban Space: The Geographies of Bangladeshi, Somali and Sudanese women in Cardiff
Supervisor: Mr. Huw Thomas

Tyrone Kidney

Title/Subject: Public Involvement and Civic Rationalism in Local Authority Planning and Decision Making
Supervisor: Mr. Huw Thomas

Kyung-Bae Kim

Title/Subject: Suitable Housing Design
Supervisor: Professor John Punter / Ms. Bridget Franklin

Yong-Bum Kim

Title/Subject: An Analysis of UK Urban Fringe Management Models Applying the Actor Network Theory
Supervisor: Dr. Kevin Bishop

Laura Martinez

Title/Subject: FDI and Trade with the E.U.: Truly Beneficial for Mexico?
Supervisor: Professor John Lovering

Adrian Morley

Title/Subject: Innovation Needs and Outcomes in Food Micro Firms
Supervisor: Professor Terry Marsden

Everard Smith

Title/Subject: Ecological Modernisation and Organic Farming in the UK: Does it Pay to be Green?
Supervisors: Professor Terry Marsden / Dr. Richard Cowell