Susan Calvert

BSc Geography (Human) and Planning (2005)
Current Job: 
Primary School Teacher, Oxfordshire County Council

Why did you choose Cardiff University as a place to study?

Loved the city, good reputation of the uni.

What was the best thing about your time as a student at Cardiff?

Meeting people

What one thing would you tell someone else about the School of Planning and Geography at Cardiff?

Friendly, approachable teaching staff. Interesting course and a good choice of modules to customise your degree to your own interests.

How did your degree most help you in the career or job you have now chosen?

Provided me with a good degree to go on and take a PGCE.

Tell us a bit about your current job, how you got into what you are doing and what you enjoy about it most.

Went from Cardiff to Southampton to take a primary PGCE Currently teaching year 5, love the way that everyday is different.

What opportunities do you feel have opened up to you as a result of being a student at the Cardiff School of Planning and Geography?

Given me the opportunity to go on to study further.