Gareth Jones

BSc/Diploma Town Planning
Current Job: 
Technical Director - Planning and Development, Scott Wilson Ltd

Why did you choose Cardiff University as a place to study?

Great city; wanted a Welsh degree - ended up being the first Welshman to gain a Town Planning degree at a welsh University - quite proud of that.

What was the best thing about your time as a student at Cardiff?

Too numerous to mention; good course; good friends; strong sport and social tradition; University in the heart of the city.

What thing or person inspired you most whilst you were a Cardiff University student?

Tom Hughes, Senior Lecturer, sadly now dead.

What one thing would you tell someone else about the School of Geography and Planning at Cardiff?

Simply the Best.

How did your degree most help you in the career or job you have now chosen?

Vocational course led to the career in planning. Year out spent with the then Glamorgan Council but introduced to senior officers at Cardiff who offered me the first post degree position.

Tell us a bit about your current job, how you got into what you are doing and what you enjoy about it most.

Making developments happen.

What opportunities do you feel have opened up to you as a result of being a student at the School of Geography and Planning?

The Course taught me to think in common sense terms and gave me a 'can do' attitude.

Tell us any interesting facts about yourself, hobbies or interests that you have.

Captain of local golf club; played rugby for far too long and have suffered since.