Danfei Ni

MSc Sustainability, Planning and Environmental Policy (2010)
Current Job: 
PhD Candidate in Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Why did you choose Cardiff University as a place to study?

The high reputation

What was the best thing about your time as a student at Cardiff?

Meeting many friends from local and the other countries, getting a great deal of knowledge from my teachers, they are all nice and helpful!

What thing or person inspired you most whilst you were a Cardiff University student?

In Cardiff University, it is the first time I feel that studying could be so interesting and, my tutors were so nice and patient, offering support and encouraging me a lot. I am now still very impressed that, at the beginning of my life in Cardiff University, I couldn’t even give an informal presentation in front of people. At that time, I was so afraid that the tutors would treat me as a problem, but I am really lucky that they encouraged me and were understanding. I really appreciate them for that.

What one thing would you tell someone else about the School of Geography and Planning at Cardiff?

It is really good, the first choice to study in this area.

How did your degree most help you in the career or job you have now chosen?

The high reputation of Cardiff University is a very important reason for my supervisor now to accept me as a PhD student now in Hong Kong.

Tell us a bit about your current job, how you got into what you are doing and what you enjoy about it most.

I currently study as a PhD study and it is a challenge work for me. However, I still find that the one year study in Cardiff University built a solid foundation for me, and I can continue to do my research related with what I have done in Cardiff University.

What opportunities do you feel have opened up to you as a result of being a student at the School of Geography and Planning?

The PhD life is actually starting from my study in Cardiff University.

Tell us any interesting facts about yourself, hobbies or interests that you have.

I am interesting in travelling around and reading, enjoying movies and classical music.