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Just The Way You Are

Idyllic sunny country scene

Dates, Times & Venues:

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Workshop Details

Your self esteem determines how you feel about yourself and your life.

This workshop will help you learn to put less emphasis on how you think others see you and more value on how you experience yourself.

It will aim to teach you to appreciate yourself and your personal worth, learn to have a more positive attitude, value yourself and feel competent of your abilities.

The workshop will also help you to become aware of thoughts and feelings that support a positive self-esteem, and thoughts that undermine your self-esteem.

The workshop is set up as up-beat and positive in its delivery and some of the exercises will involve talking with other people in the group and helping each other find solutions and look at the choices for change.

The workshop will focus on, being kind to yourself, dealing with worrying thoughts, coping with other people, and looking after your physical health and wellbeing.

This workshop can support you in developing good interpersonal skills, teamwork and self-awareness all of which are competencies highly valued in the workplace environment.