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The Feel Good Factor

Several arms reaching up to the same point in the sky.

Dates, Times & Venues:

  • Wednesday 25 February 2015, 14:30 - 16:30
  • booking to open in the New Year

Workshop Details

The aim of this co-curricular workshop is to help you to develop a number of skills and techniques that will enhance your self esteem and increase your confidence. 

It will to teach you how to tackle self criticism, and negative automatic thoughts.  It will help you to develop a kinder attitude towards yourself and to think in a more balanced way. 

You will learn how to manage interpersonal relationships more effectively by developing self awareness, and communicating more assertively. 

This workshop will encourage you to think about your general health and wellbeing, and suggest simple tips that will enable you to look after yourself.

This workshop can support you in developing good interpersonal skills, teamwork and self-awareness all of which are competencies highly valued in the workplace environment