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Me, my Body and I

Body Image Workshop

Dates and times:

  • No dates at present



Workshop Details

  • During this workshop we will look at our beliefs and attitudes towards the body and physical appearance. 

Within a safe and confidential environment with other women, we will look into ways of learning to accept and value our body and the person that ‘inhabits’ it. No pressure will be put on anyone in the group to speak, but we have often found that as women begin to share some of their story, they may start to challenge their own ideas about their bodies. Such a shift in attitude towards the body can help towards developing a more positive body image and self-esteem.

At some time most of us will feel dissatisfied with our body shape or size. This starts to become a problem when an obsession with appearance or food begins to dominate our life. The way we view our body tends to be influenced by family members, friends, cultural standards and messages from the media and advertising. Body image is independent of our size and shape or actual physical characteristics; any person of any physical description can have either a positive or negative body image, depending on several factors but particularly self-esteem.

Developing a positive attitude towards your body image will give you confidence to assert and express yourself openly within various contexts, such as within personal relationships, at home and professional relationships within the workplace.