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Student Counselling and Wellbeing


Welcome, Croeso:


  • A range of support services available to all students. 
  • A confidential, accredited Service, ensuring that you get professional and high quality support.
  • Recognising people as individuals, with different needs, aiming to provide something to suit everyone.

When you contact us we will:

  • Try to offer you support quickly;
  • Offer you a broad range of flexible support options and professional services;
  • Help you access useful resources;
  • Provide you with helpful coping strategies;
  • Signpost you to a relevant Workshop;
  • Meet with you to discuss your difficulty, either by appointment or Wellbeing Walk-In (daily drop-in session);
  • Refer you to our Student Wellbeing Team or Counselling Team, for face-to-face, online or telephone appointments;
  • Refer you, if need be, to our Specialist Mental Health Nurse.


Urgent Advice & General Information

Not sure where to find the information you need?

  • Our Confidential* Live Chat is normally online between 11:00 and 13:00 Monday to Friday.

*Please note that our instant messaging service does not currently offer full security of data as we are not able to offer an encrypting function at this time.

We ask you, therefore, to please refrain from disclosing anything that you wish to remain 100% confidential on the live chat tool. If you do need to "speak" in confidence, please advise us of this when you enter the live chat, and we will make immediate arrangements to switch to an alternative, secure mode of communicating, either by transferring to the Skype Instant Messaging Service, the Skype Web Cam Chat, or by offering you a face to face appointment.

Please note that we will shortly be replacing our existing service with a fully secure instant messaging service.

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  • Tips

    Summer stretching out in front of you? Did you know it is good to maintain routine and do a variety of activities to boost your mood?
    Graduation Day? Take a few deep breaths before you walk on stage and try to enjoy the moment!  
    Re-sitting? Try to stay positive and be realistic with your goals.
    Prioritise yourself, take plenty of breaks and remember most people pass second time round!
    Improve your wellbeing: Express yourself, make a pledge to help others, try something new, get up, get out and get active
    Life after Uni: Apprehensive about what comes next? There is no "right" path and there may be opportunities where you least expect them
    Be in the Moment: Put down your phone, take a breath and focus on what is around you