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Don't Let the Worry Blues Get You Down

Cartoon drawing of a blue, one-eyed monster, looking flustered

Date, Time, Venue

  • Date to be confirmed, details to follow.

Workshop Details

Caught up in your worrying thoughts? Learn to how to stop worrying so much and take a more relaxed approach to life.

Sometimes we can get caught up in our worries, finding ourselves unable to focus on anything except those worrying thoughts. It can feel impossible to think about anything else and you can find yourself lying awake at night, unable to relax, switch off your mind and fall asleep.  This in turn leads to further frustration and worry at being unable to sleep, difficulty concentrating on your studies, worried about falling behind and on and on – a worry cycle. 

This workshop will help you to understand the process that leads you into, and maintains, your worry cycle. You’ll be taught techniques and strategies to challenge these worrying thoughts, and you will be given useful ‘tools’ including worry diaries and a ‘worry script’ that you can use to help you begin to regain control over your worry thoughts, enabling you to get a healthier, more balanced outlook on life.

By learning to think more calmly and worry less, you will equip yourself to handle the stresses and pressures of the work environment more effectively, increasing your employability.