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Under Pressure

Under Pressure

Date, Time, Venue

  • Date to be confirmed, details to follow.

Workshop Details

Feeling stressed and under pressure?

Learn to relax and manage your stress effectively.

“What I fear the most about stress is not that it kills, but that it prevents one from savoring life." - Jean-Louis Seven-Schreiber

Remember stress is normal!  We all need a certain amount of stress to help us focus on goals and realise it is important.  If we were completely relaxed all the time, we would not bother about meeting deadlines or prioritising tasks!

Sometimes we get caught up in our stresses, finding ourselves unable to focus on anything except the stresses surrounding us.  Too much stress leaves us feeling under pressure, detrimentally affecting our thoughts, feelings and bodies (how we behave and how we feel physically).  This in turn leads to further anxiety and stress at being unable to cope as effectively as we know we can, leading to difficulty concentrating on your work, worrying about falling behind and on and on – a stress cycle.  

This workshop will help you to understand the process that leads you into, and maintains, your stress cycle.  You will be taught techniques and strategies to challenge, and begin to regain control over, your stressful thoughts.   You will be taught how to use your senses (sight, sound, smell, touch and taste) to help you stay calm in the moment of stress, and how to reduce the impact of stress, enabling you to get a healthier, more balanced outlook on life.  

By learning to think more calmly and cope with stress more successfully, you will equip yourself to handle the stresses and pressures of the work environment more effectively.