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Sleepless in Cardiff

Black and white photo of a girl lying down with her eyes open

"Sleep is a friend I have fallen out with;
I wish she would come back to me."
- Insomnia by Julia Darling

Date, Time, Venue

  • Date to be confirmed, details to follow.

Workshop Details

When you’re stressed and anxious or dealing with changes to your normal routine, it’s perfectly normal for your sleep patterns to be disturbed.

For some people your sleep will naturally sort itself out when the stress is over or you get used to the new routine or situation. However, for others your sleep may get ‘stuck’ in this disturbed pattern, increasing your stress levels and making it more difficult for you find the energy to get on with life.

The first part of this workshop will help you to identify different types of sleep disorders; increase your understanding of the effects of poor sleep and explore the physical, emotional, lifestyle and environmental causes of sleep problems. 

The second part will focus on teaching you practical strategies and ideas on how to improve your sleep, including relaxation techniques, and recognising and challenging unhelpful expectations and anxious thoughts around sleep. It will teach you a technique to ‘retrain’ yourself to sleep properly and give you a series of useful ‘Sleeping Tips’ along with a list of books and websites for further reading and information.