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Date, Time, Venue:

  • Please contact us if you're interested in a place on our next course; we're expecting to run one this semester, and are aiming to announce dates very soon.

Please note that this is a six-part course, with each part building upon the previous one.

While not essential, you can bring a blanket and small pillow, and even something to lie on (e.g. a simple yoga-type mat). Mindfulness practice can be done seated and may be the preferred position for some.

Workshop Details

Introducing Mindfulness for Stress Reduction: From Doing to Being

In cultivating a Mindful approach to our lives, we can benefit from being able to cope better with stressful life situations, improved sleep, healthier self-esteem, renewed interest in life and work and an overall enhanced sense of well-being.

Historically, Mindfulness based practice has its roots in Buddhist tradition. In more recent times these practices have been incorporated into therapeutic programmes to manage stress, illness and pain, depression and other areas such as eating disorders. As a result of its proven effectiveness in these and other areas, Mindfulness continues to be a popular and growing therapeutic intervention.

In essence, Mindfulness is an approach to life which encourages the development of greater awareness and acceptance of the present moment. Life may be viewed as a series of moments which due to our cultural lifestyle in particular in the West, can so often be missed and before we know it, these moments become days, weeks, and months, even years that have passed us by.

We are all familiar with the phrase ‘live each day at a time’; Mindfulness invites us to take this one step further and suggests we live each moment one at a time. In this way, we bring our awareness and focus to each given moment, whilst simultaneously developing an accepting, non judgmental attitude to our total experience.

We can learn to be a passive observer of our thoughts, feelings and behaviour, rather than to be on the one hand, too caught up in our experiences or on the other, avoidant of them. These latter ways of approaching our lives can lead ultimately, to stress and illness.

The workshops will be based on Bob Stahl, PH.D. & Elisha Goldstein, PH.D. ‘A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook’ which also includes an MP3 CD for further practice.