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Online Counselling

Would you like online counselling? You can work with a counsellor using emails or through live chat. Read on ...

What is online counselling?

At Cardiff we offer both face-to-face counselling and online counselling.

In online counselling you communicate weekly with your counsellor by emails or through Skype Instant Messaging. Through those interchanges you can use your counselling to address your current or past experiences, and for support.

You choose whether to use emails or Skype Instant Messaging, or both.

Who can use online counselling?

Online counselling is open to all staff at Cardiff University. It is appropriate if you might have difficulty attending appointments in person e.g. if you:

  • are working away from Cardiff
  • are responsible for small children and cannot arrange childcare, or have other similar commitments
  • have a disability or illness that prevents you from attending in person

Online counselling is not right for everyone. Your counsellor will assess your situation with you. If your issues are better resolved by a different form of help, they will advise you how to proceed.

We do not offer online counselling if there is a serious risk of you severely harming yourself or others, have a history of severe mental illness, or if drugs or alcohol are your main problem. In these cases, we will be pleased to offer you a face-to-face.  We have a limited capacity for online counselling. If we cannot offer you this service at present, you will be invited to apply for face to face counselling.

How do I apply?

Please complete our Self-Referral Questionnaire for counselling, highlighting you'd like online counselling.

If you prefer, you can come into reception to ask about an appointment. The Counselling Service is based in 51 Park Place. Paper copies of the BOS Online Self-Referral Questionnaire are available. Please tell us if you require help in completing the form.

After we have received your form, an online counsellor will contact you by email. Your counsellor will email you Guidelines, in which the process of online counselling is outlined, and ask if you prefer counselling by email or Skype Instant Messaging.  The counsellor may ask you a few questions about what you have written in the referral form, to check that online counselling is suitable for you.

If you would like to, you can view the Guidelines now: 

Email Counselling Guidelines

Instant Messaging Counselling Guidelines

Before you proceed, you may want to read more about online counselling.