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How can we help?

Relationships - whether family or friends or intimate relationships with a partner - can be a source of love, pleasure, support and excitement. However they can also be a source of grief and anguish if there are unhealthy dynamics or ineffective communication. If you are new to Cardiff, whether coming from elsewhere in the UK or from another country, you may feel isolated from the support of your family and friends.  Or you may be experiencing difficulties with an intimate partner at emotional, intellectual or sexual level.  You may find it challenging to meet new friends and manage relationships with new flatmates or colleagues.  

It is not uncommon for those involved in various types of relationships to face issues of conflict or uncertainty, having different needs or desires, feeling confused or dis-empowered, sometimes alongside other feelings of care and attachment. In order to understand and attempt to resolve such issues, a level of self-awareness and adjusting one’s communications skills may prove useful, something that can be explored with the help of a counsellor.

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