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Addictive/Dependant Behaviour

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How can we help?

Change is naturally a scary process, and it is normal to struggle when making changes. Counselling can help you along this journey, supporting you work through the ambivalence and develop the strategies and skills to make positive changes, and work through the issues that may have led to dependency in the first place.

If you are struggling to cope with a dependency on alcohol, drugs or gambling you are probably feeling a whole range emotions, from anxiety, guilt, fear and anger to frustration and a sense of loss.  The realisation that you have a dependency might be a slow process as you notice that other activities and interests, your friendships, studies, mental and physical health, and finances are all being adversely affected.  You may have begun drinking, using drugs or gambling for many reasons; perhaps trying to cope with the emotional pain of a trauma or loss in your life (a bereavement or end of a relationship), trying to manage a stressful and demanding life, or finding yourself caught up in, what was initially, a fun life style that has taken over and leaves you no room for studying or socialising with people who don’t share this lifestyle.

It is normal to feel ambivalent about your dependency; on the one hand enjoying the feeling that you experience or relief from unpleasant memories and feelings, while on the other hand maybe anxious about the impact of your dependency on your life and your future. 

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