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Help and Correcting Your Entry

Departmental Acronyms

The telephone directories and other documents refer to Cardiff University Schools and Divisions by 4-letter and 5-letter acronyms.


Entries show public telephone numbers with UK area codes


If you are having problems finding an email address at the University, or are having trouble with an email address, then please contact with the relevant details.

All email addresses are of the form, for example Mailnames can be in upper or lower case - SmithAN, SMITHAN, smithan, will all work.

Searching the directory

The directory search is intended to provide a flexible way to look up email addresses and (where applicable) telephone numbers for staff and postgraduates in the University. Search criteria are applied as follows:

  • Search items are "and"-ed together - eg if you specify surname AND initial, then both must match.
  • You may use wildcards in the surname only. "*" matches any number of characters and "?" matches a single character.
    For example, to search for a person called "Grey" or "Gray" where you are not sure of the spelling - use "Gr?y". To search for "Dixon" or "Dickson" you could use "di*on" - although this will also find Dillon, Dickinson etc.
  • Searches on a person's initials will match if that persons entry includes the specified initial. So searching for a "Smith" with the initial "f" will match Mr F Smith, but it will also match Ms AF Smith.
  • You may also limit your search by department (or other organisational unit) or by status (staff or postgraduate) using the drop down menus.

The number of results returned is restricted to prevent the wholesale downloading of the entire directory contents.

How to correct your entry

Telephone directory

To correct your entry, please ask your Head of School to write to the Assistant House Services Manager using form Tel/1.

If you have a query about the telephone system, please contact Mrs M Knibbs, Telephone System Supervisor (contact details below).

Email directory

For queries about email, to be added to or taken out of the Email Directory or to correct your entry, please contact INSRV Connect (contact details below).


Phone:+44 (0)29 208 74487