Knowledge representation and reasoning

The field of knowledge representation and reasoning is concerned with systems for automated reasoning in the context of artificial intelligence.

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Our focus in particular is on:

  • defeasible and inductive reasoning
  • argumentation
  • qualitative spatial reasoning
  • epistemic reasoning
  • knowledge acquisition.

Priority area leader

TitleHolderSourceValue (£Ks)
Plausible reasoning with ontologiesDr S Schockaert & Dr V Gutiérrez-BasultoEuropean Commission/Welsh Government159.42
Informing better migration and refugee policy-making in the presence of rumours and unsubstantiated claims Dr F Cerutti, Prof A Preece, Prof M Innes, Miss D DobrevaEPSRC21.36
Formal lexically informed logics for searching the web - FLEXILOGDr S SchockaertEuropean Commission (Horizon 2020)1117.63
Approximating markov logic theories in possibilistic logicDr S. SchockaertThe Leverhulme Trust118.26
Enriching repairing and merging taxonomies by inducing qualitative spatial representations from the webDr S. SchockaertEPSRC123.7
Investigating Gene Ontology - based microarray data analysisProfessor WA GrayFonds National de la Luxembourg30.98
CONOISE - Task and Quality Ontologies for Service DescriptionProfessor WA Gray, Professor NJ Fiddian & Dr J ShaoBT55.4
Developing a taxonomy of qualityProfessor WA Gray & Professor NJ FiddianBT13.2