Human factors technology

Human factors technology is dedicated to understanding and improving the way people use technology in information environment.

It focuses on automated mining, structuring and integration of digital information (including text, voice, music and images), facilitating human-computer communication, and studying human behaviour by utilising sensor informatics.

Priority area leader

Dave Marshall

Professor David Marshall

Professor of Computer Vision

TitleHolderSourceValue (£Ks)
Computational models for assessment of diagnostic image quality: Supporting radiologists, minimising costs and errors in patient careDr H LiuEPSRC27.66
Modelling Human Behavioural Responses to Distortions for Visual Quality AssessmentDr H LiuRoyal Society25.0
Detecting deceit in humans through multimodal analysis of human behaviourProfessor AD Marshall, Dr S Moore and Professor M InnesEADS Foundation Wales125.0
The clinical validation of a new mathematical tool to diagnose and classify normal, pathological and TKR knee functionDr AD Marshall, Dr M Beynon (CARBS), Prof C Dent (MEDIC) & Dr C Holt (ENGIN)EPSRC12.41
Characterisation, modelling and mitigation of impairments produced by radio channels, sensors and communication equipment for data fusionDr AD Marshall & Professor KV Lever (ENGIN)MOD137.46
Visual indexing for taxonomic information systemsDr AD Marshall, Professor RR Martin & Dr PL RosinBBSRC132.1