Visual computing research seminars

The VLunch meeting is a regular event to discuss research of interest to the Visual Computing Group.

All are welcome to attend the seminars. More seminars will be added to the list throughout the year so please check back regularly.

3 October 201811:10S/3.21Juncheng Liu
Peking University, China
Image driven co-segmentation of 3D models
10 October 201811:10S/3.21Hui Huang Zhao
HengYang Normal University, China
Image style transfer using deep CNNs
17 October 201811:10S/3.21Dietmar Saupe
University of Konstanz, Germany
KonIQ-10k: An ecologically valid database for deep learning of blind image quality assessment
24 October 201811:10S/3.21Zeliang WangPolynomial matrix eigenvalue decomposition techniques for multichannel signal processing
31 October 201811.10S/3.21Yuhua LiNovelty detection: Know unknowns from knowns
7 November 201811.10S/3.21Nicholas Wardhana
Welsh School of Architecture 
Topologic: A toolkit for spatial and topological architectural modelling and exploration
14 November 201811.10S/3.21Thomas HartleyPruning convolutional neural networks
21 November 201811.10S/3.21Bailin DengAnderson acceleration for geometry optimization and physics simulation
28 November 201811.10S/3.21Aled OwenWhere is the ball? Self-supervised representations for team sports


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