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Working With Schools

Working with school children can be immensely rewarding for both staff and pupils. 

Ideas for Activities

Working With Schools

Working With Schools

Before you arrange any activities in detail, talk directly to teachers and colleagues within the University to see what works well for them. Schools are often more inclined to release teachers for events that are relevant to the National Curriculum – keep this in mind when designing content for your activity.

  • Lectures / talks
  • Demonstrations
  • Hands on activities
  • Competitions
  • Taster courses
  • Master classes

Once you have decided on the format for your event, create a task list detailing who is responsible for which actions and by when - this will help you to keep on top of arrangements for the event. (See our guide, How to organise an event)

Contacting Schools

Ensure your direct mailing is name or role specific (i.e. Head of Sixth Form).  This will ensure someone deals with your letter.

Once a school confirms that they will participate in your event, send them written confirmation by post or fax.  A week before the event, double check that the school is still able to attend and that their numbers are the same.

If you have individual pupils booked on an event, rather than a booking arranged through a school, contact their school to make sure they are aware that the pupils are attending and let them know when and where the event taking place.  For individuals, you may also need parental permission slips.  

NB: If pupils are under 16 this is a legal requirement.