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Advice & Resources

Advice & Resources

Example of a typical exhibition stand

The Community Engagement Team provides advice in planning and managing public engagement events and practical support at events.

Event planning and management

On the right hand side are a number of resources which you can download to help plan and promote your event. 

There is also a document detailing external engagement opportunities which you might like to get involved with. For internal engagement opportunities, organised by the Community Engagement Team, please see our Public Opportunities webpage

If you require further support, on a case-by-case basis we may be able to help and/or advise in tasks such as:

  • Designing posters and promotional material for your event
  • Contacting schools, community centres, libraries, doctors’ surgeries and more. 
  • Arranging for events to be advertised internally throughout the university
  • Creating exhibitions for events
  • Assisting academic staff with submitting bids for funding for public engagement projects from bodies including the Royal Society, Wellcome Trust and the Funding Councils.

We can also provide advice on organising events and how to target engagement projects to specific audiences, and can run a public bookings system.

Practical Support

We have a range of resources available for loan, subject to availability:

  • Visual equipment: video cameras, mini camcorders, laser pens, laptop & projector, digital SLR camera etc.
  • Audio equipment: wireless PA system & microphone, voice recorders etc.
  • Other:  marquees, trestle tables, sandwich boards etc.


Please note:  items are offered for loan free of charge, however, any items lost, damaged, or otherwise not returned in a suitable condition for future use, must be replaced by the borrower.