Friendly and accepting community

Grangetown residents are great at celebrating, with the Grangetown Festival Week taking place every year as well as various cultural and street parties. Residents told us they would like to see even more community action and opportunities to build a friendly intergenerational community which welcomes new people and has real ‘community spirit’

Grangetown residents have suggested the following ideas to create an even stronger community spirit. We're advertising the following projects throughout the University so we can work alongside residents to start turning these ideas into action. Watch this space for updates on project progress and new collaborations.

Live projects

Neighbourhood Leadership

Neighbourhood Leadership

Offering Grangetown residents a Cardiff University-accredited training course in Community Leadership.

Stockland Street

Stockland Street Party

Planning a creative street party on Stockland Street.

Grangetown festival

Local Festival

This project sponsored a popular community festival.

Children smiling

Project Smile

Supporting a positive community campaign.

Love GT girl

Love Grangetown

Community researchers interviewed over 100 local residents. Their aim was to find out what people love about Grangetown.

Ideas from the Community

Grange gardens ideas

Ideas R Us

Providing advise on developing a residents group for the community.