Local Newspaper

A revamp of the local newspaper and ensuring it is financially sustainable.

GT News

The idea

The local newsletter has been produced in Grangetown since 1977 and is delivered by volunteers to over 6,000 residents three times per year.

Community Gateway were planning on developing a local paper to update residents about Cardiff University activities in Grangetown but will instead work with Grangetown Community Action to develop the existing Grangetown newsletter.

The newsletter is black and white, needs re-branding and must be simple for the local Librarian to edit, it also needs to be financially sustainable.


So far, Community Gateway have sponsored three issues of the newsletter, featuring many stories linked to Cardiff University, this sponsorship has supported Grangetown Community Action to print the newsletter in colour.

Early in 2015, a Cardiff University Business student re-designed a bright and welcoming logo for the group which has now provided a design theme for the newsletter.

Four MSc Marketing students are now working with Grangetown Community Action to look at the financial sustainability of the newsletter.

An open call was released in January 2016 for Grangetown residents to get involved and contribute to the newsletter. The first meeting to discuss the newsletter with interested local residents took place on 19 January. The meeting resulted in the formation of a new group of people that will work to revamp the newsletter for 2016. The group have now met on several occasions and the new newsletter is due to be circulated at beginning of May 2016.

Next steps

Another of the University’s Flagship Engagement Projects, Community Journalism, is working with Community Gateway and Grangetown Community Action to help recruit and train a wider volunteer base of community journalists who can contribute to the newsletter and to consider the newsletter’s branding and sustainability.

We hope to align this project with the Communications Champions project and Business Forum by supporting local young people to write positive news stories about local Grangetown businesses.