Our projects

We will invest in projects which have the potential to develop strong, lasting partnerships between local residents and University staff, students or academics.

Community Gateway is investing £90,000 over the next two years to fund partnerships between members of Cardiff University and Grangetown residents. All partnerships we fund will work towards making Grangetown an even better place to live.

The projects will benefit a range of communities in the area, as well as contributing to University ambitions. As residents, and experts of Grangetown, we're following your lead; below are all the project ideas from local people who want to work with the University to take action.

Community themes

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Clean streets and green spaces

An excellent environment for Grangetown.

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Communication without barriers

Easy understanding between people, overcoming language and cultural barriers.

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Community meeting places

Community Centres and places to meet.

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Friendly and accepting community

Celebrate communities coming together; new relationships and better understanding between people.

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Healthy and active Grangetown

Good mental health and healthy activities.

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Places and activities for young people and children

More nurseries and activities for young people.

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Road respect

Road safety, especially for children, and good maintenance.

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Safe Grangetown

Safe homes and streets.

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Work and shop in Grangetown

Encouraging residents to shop local and investing in independent Grangetown businesses.