What we do

We aim to develop long-term, equal and mutually beneficial partnerships with Grangetown residents and those organisations which serve them.  In particular we aim to:

  • Invest in nine social, environmental or economic themes chosen by the communities of Grangetown.
  • Provide easy access for Grangetown communities and members of Cardiff University to work together.
  • Increase awareness of the skills and resources available at Cardiff University for the communities of Grangetown.
  • Engage with Grangetown residents to identify high-impact and world-class, research, teaching and volunteering opportunities for Cardiff University which meet local needs and help make Grangetown an even better place to live.

We also hope to develop a physical base in Grangetown which will bring the University to the community.

Our principles

  • long term partnerships;
  • community-led initiatives;
  • building support for existing services/projects;
  • combined community and University expertise or resources;
  • positive and practical results at a variety of levels.