Study in Welsh

The growth in Welsh language provision in Cardiff University is very promising.

In recent years, with the University and the Coleg Cymraeg working closely together, positive developments can be seen in several fields.

Developments in Law

Employers in Wales welcome bilingual solicitors as there's a demand for them among Welsh speaking clients.

Lowri Ceiriog, Student, Cardiff Law School

The most striking developments can be seen in our Law School. Previously, only a small number of students studied a few modules in the Welsh medium. But now you can study for your LLB Degree entirely through the medium of Welsh.

Our Law students have reacted very positively to this new provision with between 15-20 students studying through the medium of Welsh each year.

This is due to the successful partnership between student demands, the school reacting to this demand and the Coleg's investment. Two Welsh medium lecturers, who are funded by the Coleg, are also working in the school to develop our provision further.

New lecturers

The Coleg Cymraeg has also funded lectureships in other fields to develop our Welsh medium provision. In the School of Welsh a lecturer has been appointed to further develop our Welsh as a second language (ail iaith) provision. The School of Mathematics have also appointed a Welsh medium lecturer who'll be developing a new Welsh language provision for students. The Coleg has also funded 5 new Welsh medium lecturers in the Schools of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Studies, Medicine and Healthcare Sciences from 2015/16.

The Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Cardiff School of English,Communication and Philosophy have recently welcomed new Welsh medium lecturers. These Schools will be developing national Welsh medium provision on the Coleg's behalf in their respective fields. Welsh medium students can also study a new joint honours degree in Journalism and Welsh.

Plans in healthcare

You can have a Welsh medium personal tutor, sit your exams, attend tutorials and present your essays in the Welsh language.

Gaynor Williams, Welsh medium lecturer, School of Healthcare Sciences
Healthcare Sciences group
Welsh medium Healthcare Sciences students with lecturer Gaynor Williams

We've seen good progress in healthcare fields too. We now have 6 members of staff teaching through the medium of Welsh across the health professions. By 2017-18, the School of Healthcare Sciences hopes to offer 40 credits through the medium of Welsh in some of its undergraduate courses.

The School of Medicine is also developing modules and learning opportunities through the medium of Welsh. Students can also apply for a Coleg Cymraeg Incentive Scholarship to study Medicine at Cardiff University.

Find out more about our Welsh language modules Remember you can also use the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol's Course Finder to find a course you can study in Cardiff University through the Welsh medium.