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Tissue Repair

Wound in the process of healing

Optimal tissue repair and remodelling is the desired goal following any injury to an organ, including the skin.

Many wounds heal uneventfully following an organised sequence of stages: haemostasis, inflammation, proliferation and maturation - coordinated by specific cell types. Once closed, the quality of the scar tissue in the area continues to strengthen and scars settle down over a period of months or years.

In the UK, wounds cost the National Health Service £1 billion a year and, although a large proportion of this cost may be due to inappropriate delivery of care, we have yet to identify all the key factors that contribute to sustained healing and need to understand these processes in more detail in order for patients to benefit from emerging technologies.

CITER will conduct research into tissue repair, focusing on the biological, biophysical, clinical and patient aspects of the problem. This in turn will help to develop new treatments for patients suffering from acute and chronic wounds, and problematic scars.