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Kidney Repair

Human kidney

Worldwide over a million patients are newly diagnosed with kidney disease every year. In the UK the incidence rate for starting renal replacement therapy (dialysis or transplant) has risen from around 90 per million of the population (pmp)  in 1990 to over 110 pmp currently, with over 50, 000 patients being treated each year.

The Institute of Nephrology is a key component of the Cardiff Institute of Tissue Engineering and Repair and a major research group within the Institute of Molecular and Experimental Medicine in Cardiff University’s School of Medicine.  Our research focus is the fibrosis of the renal interstitium that accompanies the latter stages of most kidney disease. In particular we have an integrated strategy for investigating diabetic renal disease (the most common renal disease) at the molecular and genetic level, the effect of  glucose on the remodeling of the kidney structure and the control of  clinical diabetic renal disease through the application of evidence-based treatment in the clinic. It also has a major focus on peritoneal immunity, inflammation and membrane regeneration. Laboratory studies are complimented by the development of new dialysis fluids and by the siting of the International Peritoneal Biopsy Registry and the Global Peritoneal Fluid Study at Cardiff.