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Coulman, Sion


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Dr Sion Coulman

Cardiff School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Senior Lecturer

029 2087 6418


Relevant Key Words:

Skin, Novel trans/intra-demal delivery, Microneedle device, non-viral gene therapy, macromolecular therapeutics


Research Expertise relevant to tissue engineering & repair:

My research interests to date revolve around the development and assessment of novel minimally invasive delivery technologies for trans/intra-cutaneous delivery of therapeutics. Such devices (e.g. microfabricated microneedle array) physically disrupt the skin barrier to produce transient micron-sized conduits within the stratum corneum/viable epidermis that can facilitate the localised or systemic delivery of therapeutic molecules and macromolecules. Microneedle arrays and other novel devices have been utilised previously in our laboratory to deliver proteins to the epidermal and dermal layers of human skin and also to facilitate intra-epidermal expression of exogenous genes within ex vivo human skin.


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If you have reagents that may be of interest to the CITER Membership, e.g. cell lines, microbiological cultures. Please give a representative list below:

Cell culture – Immortalised Human keratinocytes (HaCaT)